Jackie Hallock

Jackie Hallock
     president & creative director

Jackie’s Clios, Roseys, Addys, Best in the West, Print, Communication Arts, Hollywood’s Best, Lulus, Summit and Telly awards say something she might not: she’s good.

A formidable strategic thinker, she guides the creative life of the agency, developing concepts, writing copy, and shaping the work of the graphic designers, filmmakers, photographers and others involved in the process. Clients appreciate her instinctive, intuitive abilities. And the fact that, after she walks around in their shoes, she always returned them.

Will she always tell you what you want to hear? No. Not unless that’s what your target audience needs to hear. It’s a quality that leads other to seek her out for advice and organizations like the Architecture Foundation of Oregon to invite her to sit on their board.

That said, we should say this: she hates this bio stuff. She would rather talk about you. Do clients have access to the creative director? Yes. Constantly.