Hallock and Branch Has a New Address


So many of you have contacted us to ask why you failed to receive our change-of-address information, we were bewitched, bothered and even bewildered. We held our temper while we checked it out with the post office. They held their temper while they explained a) they didn’t handle emails, and b) suggested that you all didn’t receive our change-of-address info because (sigh) um, through some silly oversight, we apparently failed to send it. OK, failed to hit “send”. Sigh.
We will do better! Just watch.

Jackie is having bilateral knee surgery next week. Not to worry. Tiger will hold down the fort, answer emails, and generally take care of business from his office in the next room. And while we won’t be tap dancing for a couple of months, we will still be creatively creating stuff and you are cordially invited to call whenever you need us!

Tiger Branch

chief executive officer & senior writer
c 503.349.5066